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From the quarry to the final product. An effective solution meeting all the needs of stone processing at the industrial level.

Sixty years of experience in industrial stone processing allow Tenax to provide a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art products to support customer in all the processing phases. Mastics, resins, abrasives, surface treatments and utensils specifically designed to ensure the best performance, ever more refined processes and enhanced quality of various stone materials. As for Ceramics and Quartz, Tenax has set up specific corporate divisions and product lines in order to effectively meet the special needs of these materials.

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ABELION Epoxy Systems

Abelion Epoxy Systems (Resin + Hardener) - The best purity and transparency
Natural Stone

Rock100 A+B

Epoxy System for block reinforcement
Natural Stone

Gres P80

Water-based protective treatment

Stoneline 81

Enhancer and protective treatment
Natural Stone

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